The Shredder is the improved version of the Vector .45 ACP. It features a silencer, scope and extended magazine, and a paint job. The Shredder has like the Vector an extremely high rate of fire, and does almost three times the damage of the normal Vector. All this makes the Shredder perfect for stealth missions, specifically when you need to take down many enemies in a short amount of time. Although it is a very powerful weapon, the Shredder is still best used in close quarters due to its limited range.

Class: Signature weapons
Usable with zipline: No
Magazine size: 50 rounds
Maximum ammo: 240 rounds
Attachment slots: None
Attachments: No extra available
Price: $3275 after finding 10 memory cards
Wielded by (enemies): None
Not efficient against: Heavy Pirate/Privateer gunner

Far Cry 3 Shredder
Far Cry 3 Shredder